Who We Are

RIGHTCARE is a team of firefighters, researchers, first responders, clergy, lay ministers, clinicians, and senior care professionals, dedicated to assisting local fire departments in their mission to reduce risk and improve quality of life for seniors in the community. 

We are grateful for the support of hundreds of dynamic and compassionate organizations and individuals who contribute to RIGHTCARE's mission. Join us as we actively expand services and provide meaningful support to meet the needs of our growing senior community.

What We Do

We help fire departments to address the needs of seniors and their adult children in ways that no one else can.

We lead applied research around the U.S. focused on the critical needs of seniors.

We support local fire departments with leading community based training, tools, and care programming.

We train healthcare and other organizations around the country in advanced best practices and programming for seniors.

We personally work in our local fire departments seeing the need every day for better solutions.

We fulfill our mission through helping our seniors and their families.

Our primary goal is to support fire departments and community organizations in reducing non-emergent call volume, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring that emergency services are available for genuine emergencies.

Because RIGHTCARE partners fire departments with families, faith communities, healthcare providers, and senior industry organizations you will find it compatible for any fire department wanting to reduce non-emergency call volume (water on the other side of the dam). The programming is customizable so you can adapt it to fit your department’s size, resources, and local community.

Fire departments and community organizations interested in collaboration can contact us directly through our website. We welcome inquiries and are open to exploring mutually beneficial partnerships.

We collaborate closely with fire departments by providing resources, tools, training, and community-based programming to address and minimize non-emergent calls.

Success is measured through data analysis, tracking call volume trends, and assessing the impact of educational programs. Additionally, feedback from fire departments, community organizations, and the public helps evaluate the effectiveness of our initiatives.

Donate Now 

RIGHTCARE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, funded by methodology licensing and donations from those concerned about the care and quality of life of our seniors in the US.