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RIGHTCARE's primary goal is to support fire departments in reducing non-emergent call volume , optimizing efficiency , and ensuring that emergency services are available for genuine emergencies .

We equip the entire community to become the solution.


The RIGHTCARE partnership between Fire Departments and community organizations is an innovative and proactive initiative that decreases emergencies by enhancing senior safety.

Risk Reduction

The partnership focuses on proactive measures to prevent emergencies rather than just responding to them. This approach is crucial for improving overall safety and well-being in the senior community.

Expanded Reach

The involvement of community organizations broadens the reach of the Fire Department's efforts. This expansion enables a more comprehensive and widespread impact on senior safety issues.

Preventing Emergency Calls

The ultimate goal is to prevent the need for emergency services by implementing proactive measures. This not only reduces the burden on emergency responders but also improves the quality of life for seniors by minimizing potential risks.

Community Empowerment

By equipping and empowering community stakeholders, the RIGHTCARE partnership recognizes the importance of involving local residents, organizations, and resources in the process. This collaborative effort leads to more effective and sustainable solutions.

Enhanced Impact

The collaboration seeks to enhance the impact of the Fire Department's initiatives. By working together with various stakeholders, the partnership can address a wider range of factors contributing to senior safety, leading to more meaningful and lasting outcomes.


Give your entire community powerful solutions.

RIGHTCARE brings cutting-edge resources, tools, and programming to create a community team that truly makes a difference.


RIGHTCARE, drawing on over two decades of research involving 300+ organizations and 75,000 senior lives, offers unparalleled metrics and solutions to prevent unsafe occurrences. These metrics empower families and care teams to understand complex information and extract practical solutions. Through extensive research, RIGHTCARE has consistently demonstrated that non-emergent calls stem from over indexing in one or more of five key areas.

Community Resources

We provide meticulously researched tools and proven resources crafted to empower both families and organizations to proactively address a spectrum of challenges associated with aging. These challenges encompass thoroughly researched critical outcomes necessary for aging successfully.

Community Education  E-Library  Care Teams  Tools 


Rightcare offers certification in risk reduction models for community partners in the senior care industry. Certification ensures that organizations, professionals, caregivers, and volunteers have the knowledge and skills needed to reduce risk to necessary thresholds for the seniors they serve. The advanced care models encompass a range of approaches, including innovative healthcare practices, technologies, and evidence-based strategies tailored to address the unique needs of seniors.


Community Risk Reduction (CRR) is a process to identify and prioritize local risks, followed by the strategic investment of resources to reduce their occurrence and impact. In addition to the 20+ years of specialized research, RIGHTCARE programming leverages the extensive experience of firefighters and fire departments with decades of expertise across the country. Our diverse backgrounds and knowledge contribute valuable insights into the complexities of addressing senior safety effectively as a fire department, as a local community, and as a city. These include areas involving political, educational, social media, legal, monetary, member, technology, and data components. Success is maximized when all of these are mobilized and utilized effectively in a Community Risk Reduction Strategy.

Political Components:

Acknowledging the political landscape is crucial for navigating regulatory frameworks, advocating for necessary changes, and securing support from policymakers. Understanding and influencing political factors play a significant role in the success of any long (or short) term initiative.

Educational and Training Components:

Education is vital for raising awareness among both seniors and the broader community. Providing information on safety measures, emergency preparedness, and available resources contributes to a more informed and empowered community.

Social Media Components:

Leveraging social media is an effective way to disseminate information, engage with the community, and promote awareness. It allows for real-time communication and interaction, reaching a broad audience.

Data Components:

Utilizing data-driven insights can inform decision-making and measure the impact of the initiative. Analyzing relevant data helps in identifying trends, assessing effectiveness, and making informed adjustments to the program.

Labor and Management:

The collaboration between labor and management (exemplified in the RBO process) is crucial for the success and effectiveness of any fire department or emergency services initiative. This process unites these efforts and makes possible the incredible benefit to the member, management, and the community.

Legal Components:

Understanding legal considerations is crucial to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. It also helps in navigating liability issues and establishing the legal framework for the RIGHTCARE initiative.

Monetary Components:

Financial aspects are essential for sustaining and expanding the initiative. Securing funding, managing resources effectively, and establishing a sustainable financial model are critical components for long-term success.

Technology Components:

Bringing key technology enhances the efficiency and reach of the initiative. This involves using innovative solutions for communication, execution, and data collection.



Years of Research


Senior Lives

Kerry Knight, DeSoto FD

It is very demoralizing picking up seniors day after day knowing that you are simply resetting the situation to make the next fall possible. We need real solutions for these sweet people and RIGHTCARE gave us that!

Paul Jacobs, Longview FD

It has been amazing leading a community response to this epidemic of senior fall and calls. So many great organizations are eating up our education and programming and implementing strategies that work.

Dr. Kurt Merkelz, CMO of Compassus

The care methodology gets it exactly right. And the care programming brings the entire community together and makes the senior’s need the focus.

Susan Davis, Director of Senior Ministry St. John the Divine

In my 29 years as a care provider, care professional, and senior’s minister, helping our seniors in a way that makes a real difference has been one of the hardest things to do. Let me tell you, the RIGHTCARE model works.

Dawna Dyson, Senior Minister Southwinds B.C.

Our team here at Southwinds has used the RIGHTCARE curriculum for several years, and we’ve seen its impact on our seniors and their families.