Tour 2024

Come Learn from
Leading Voices

Each year focuses on new best practice discoveries and advancements in community based solutions.

Align your
Leadership Team.

The conversations, breakouts, and discovery will be a catalyst for the important discussions your team needs to contextualize solutions that set industry standards.

Retain your 
Best Partners.

Collaborate and explore solutions with community partners using encouraging experiences and practical concepts that can be implemented together. — Your community partners can make the biggest difference.

Create a Shared Vision.

When you bring your team to RIGHTCARE Tour you walk away with not only a shared experience but also a common language and renewed sense of importance and direction in your risk reduction strategy.

Tour 2024

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February 28
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With its emphasis on prevention, preparedness, rapid response, and community engagement, RIGHTCARE’s Community Risk Reduction Programming becomes the best hope for seniors and their adult children facing the challenges that come with aging. Together, let us ignite a brighter future for our aging communities, ensuring that no senior is left behind in their time of need.