Best practices, innovative strategies, and new ideas built around senior need.

Our nationwide team of experts ensure that the resources and tools within your community programming effectively support partners, seniors, and their adult children in navigating the distinct challenges they face.


Researched and developed with 300+ organizations and 75,000 senior lives.

RIGHTCARE brings the resources, tools, and programming that allows your entire community to participate in reducing non-emergent call volumes.

Real Metrics

RIGHTCARE analytics software has set the standard for capturing complex information surrounding an aging senior and drawing out actionable solutions.

A critical challenge faced by seniors and fire departments is the inadequacy of current care industry methods. These methods don't effectively address the root causes of elderly failures, relying on easily obtained clinical data, outdated care models, and minimum insurance criteria. RIGHTCARE introduces a groundbreaking advancement by offering real-time risk measurement and providing resources to reduce risk values to non-emergent levels—an unprecedented benefit for both fire departments and the local community.

Community Programming

We provide meticulously researched tools and proven resources crafted to empower both families and organizations to proactively address a spectrum of challenges associated with aging. These challenges encompass thoroughly researched critical outcomes necessary for aging successfully.


Envision an accessible electronic library for everyone in the community—a resource that helps families understand the challenges they are facing and the solutions available to them. The RIGHTCARE Community Library is a comprehensive resource, offering easy-to-understand key outcomes, inspiring case studies, podcasts for a sense of shared experience, and guidance on accessing RIGHTCARE community resources, among other valuable features. This cutting-edge library empowers seniors and their adult children to take proactive measures to prevent the need for emergency services.

Community Education

Empower hundreds of community organizations to conduct live workshops focusing on the essential components of successful aging. Each of these workshops equips families to proactively reduce risks across the six key areas crucial for successful aging. Universally embraced by families, this workshop series is available for presentation by local churches, healthcare organizations, community groups, and senior care organizations.

Care Teams

The RightCare Community Risk Reduction Program provides certification in advanced risk reduction assessment and care planning for key community organizations. Those certified demonstrate an impressive 400% greater effectiveness in risk reduction compared to non-certified entities. This certification transforms the entire community into a proactive solution for reducing call volume.

Community Tools

The RIGHTCARE CRR Library encompasses a wealth of invaluable tools honed over 23 years of research. These practical resources play a vital role in executing risk reduction strategies and enhancing overall quality of life. Accompanied by comprehensive training on their effective use, these tools are accessible and impactful for seniors, spouses, and adult children alike.

Training and Support

We give personalized, one-on-one interactive coaching and support for our curriculum to each of the entities involved in the CRR. The trainings are aimed at addressing senior-specific challenges, certification trainings, as well as conducting both small and large group workshops with teams from your local community. 

Each training is designed to inspire and equip your community teams to work together and effectively reduce risk.


Rightcare provides comprehensive certification programs that involve extensive training in advanced care models for community partners. This robust initiative is meticulously designed to guarantee that professionals and caregivers not only acquire but also master the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver a superior level of care to seniors, particularly in the critical area of risk reduction. Our advanced care models encompass an array of approaches, innovative healthcare practices, the integration of cutting-edge technologies, and the implementation of evidence-based strategies—all tailored to specifically address the unique and evolving needs of the individual senior. 

Through the certification programming, participants gain a thorough understanding of the latest advancements in senior care, ensuring a heightened level of expertise and competence in their roles. RIGHTCARE offers certification and training for home health, hospice, care managers, private duty providers, churches, senior living facilities, hospitals and emergency departments, equipment providers, and rehabilitation providers.